About Us

We pursue the goal of rooting skills,

methodologies and tools,

in the harmony between man and technology,

developing attitudes and improving performance.

Our team focuses on a combination of values such as ethics, attention to people, passion for training and automotive, research for innovation and continuous improvement.
FC ITALIA began its journey in 1990 with Product Training aimed at industrial and commercial companies in the automotive sector, progressively developing its spectrum of skills in consulting, training and certification of resources. At the same time, it extends its operations to Compliance Audit & Consulting services.

We interpret the customer’s needs

Fast & Timely

It is important for us to keep our commitments and if possible to reduce the time to give more value to our customers

With Creativity & Innovation

We apply our creativity, implementing the best technology and innovations for customers

With Quality

We are contents oriented but with the utmost attention to details

Respecting their choices

We are passionate about people, which is reflected in our behavior. We build all around people