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Consulting and Automotive Technical & Digital Training

We have always operated in a sector with a strong technological connotation immersed in a context of continuous innovation. Precisely for this reason we refer to the values that have been present for a long time in the territory, the one that has seen the birth of our reality and with which we grew up. They are the values that have determined a powerful technological and innovative push, forerunners of excellence recognized, in advance of decades in the western industrial panorama.

Values that Inspire and Guide Us

  • Vision of the future
  • Research and creative freedom
  • Culture of change
  • Intelligence that innovates
  • Social conscience
  • Form and technology
  • Openness to the world


This decade presents us with a paradigm shift linked to four factors:

  1. European regulatory landscape and the need to reduce the environmental impact in the production cycle and in the use of
  2. Development of technologies that offer new solutions to reduce the environmental impact and to innovate the cycles of production and use of the car, with the consequent entry in the industry of the mobility of new actors.
  3. Different attitudes of consumers towards the services of mobility, with the same cars that see weaken the value of the “possession” of the car, replaced by the concept of “use-fruition”.
  4. Renewed interest of public administrations in the design of new mobility systems.


The evolution of a complex system in the direction of sustainability and the substantial increase in opportunities, requires solutions and management in two areas:

The actors involved often have competences, objectives, interests and points of view not always reconcilable
unavoidable technological obsolescence
retraining of workers

for the system to be sustainable from an environmental, economic and social point of view, it is necessary for producers, administrations and new enterprises entering the mobility system (as well as workers and citizens) they recognize opportunities to increase their share of value and do not see such changes as weakening of their competitive position or their negotiating power.


  • Accelerate the process of changing of the mobility system in the direction of sustainability in the economic, environmental and social dimensions.
  • Overcome barriers through the development and acquisition of new skills that facilitate:
    • understanding the needs of stakeholders in new mobility systems
    • the possibility of acting as mediators of different contexts with the ability to see new forms of coordination and new business models.
  • Realising opportunities to create new value in the direction of sustainability in the development of new products and services for mobility and in the shift of focus from product (car) to mobility services (as complementary or replacement of the car).


We enthusiastically address the technological landscape for the mobility of the future, the new technologies that will revolutionize the automotive product and the ways of use.

  • Evolution of the drive-train
    Better technologies for environmental and economic sustainability, well-to-wheel impact, life-cycle assessment
    The technological choice on the drive-train: energy production, components production and their use, disposal, and emissions running.
  • Autonomous driving vehicles and connected cars
    Operation, technology, timing of deployment of autonomous vehicles, new players in the global value chain
    Connected vehicles potential
  • New product architectures
    Changes: from autonomous level 5 driving to modular and convertible vehicles. Impact they may have on mobility systems.
  • Last-mile mobility vehicles
    Micromobility, development of new technologies that enable more performing and low-cost solutions as alternatives to the use of the car. Quadricycles, hoverboard, moped, bike and scooter for urban mobility, mass mobility.
  • Infrastructure for sustainable mobility
    Evolution of road infrastructure and supply in different directions, depending on the technological choices related to the drive-train (electric, hybrid, hydrogen, etc.), autonomous driving and connectivity.


FC is catalyst, facilitator and accelerator

FC applies innovation drivers in training, research, interaction and start-up processes:

  • Automotive technology labs
  • Automotive process & digital design – «shaping innovation»
  • Automotive process & business innovation

Aree di attività

Digital Training Courses tailored to customer needs by providing cloud services

  • Blended Training
    Conversion of training courses into Blended mode (interactive distance, self learning, gamification, virtual reality, presences)
  • Interactions
    Automatic detection of attention in distance learning with “continuous attention” systems
  • Machine Learning
    Personalised experience based on participants’ characteristics and behaviour
  • Self-training
    Dynamic and interactive static materials for self-training
  • Social Learning
    Collaboration and sharing, collaborative tools, immersive training, micro and mobile training, pills
  • Feedback
    Dynamic measurement of training results
Humans Resources Areas
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Management of human resources
  • Management of the team
  • Working in a group
  • Challenges Design
  • Potential Analisys
  • Processes
  • Roles and tasks
  • Management and Performance Indicators
  • Organization, Logistics and Profitability
  • Spare parts Management
  • Spare parts selling
ICT Consulting & Development
  • App
  • Digital simulators
  • Training Needs Survey Systems
  • Automatic systems for forms
  •  Survey
  • Docimological support instruments
  • Event Organization Planning and Operation.
  • Activities at trade fairs, sporting events, events.
  •  Tedx
  • Collaboration with Universities
  • Processes
  • Management and Performance Indicators
  • Marketing and Potential Analysis
  • Sales techniques
  • Product
  • Financial services
Audit & Certification
  • Distance Digital Audit
  • On site Certification