We Do

We operate for our customers in two areas:

1. Automotive Consulting, Training and Digital Training Services

2. Automotive & Industrial Compliance Audit and Consulting Services

Learning and Beyond

  • Consulting and design for human resource development processes and performance improvement
  • F2F Training
  • Synchronous and asynchronous distance Training with different levels of interaction
  • Design and implementation of Experiential and Situational Events
  • Digital Experience: Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Assessment e Coaching
  • Integration among F2F Training  and Coaching, for sales and after-sales staff.
  • Design and implementation of Test Drives & Events

We are structured to provide over 1,300 days per year among Training, Consulting, Test Drive and Event

Brand & Products Consulting

We collaborate with some of the most prestigious manufacturers for the realization of events on the occasion of the launch of new models/products. We are specialists in bringing out the peculiarities and advantages new products. 

  • Consultancy for the creation of tools and processes for the introduction of new products and related sales processes
  • Presentation/Launch of new products
  • Brand Training
  • Design and location research for the experiential and situational events 
  • Digital experience: Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Design and implementation of Test Drives for salesperson and end users

Automotive Tech & Digital Training

We make it easy to learn even what is difficult

  • Organization management, CRM, warranty, spare parts and warehouse management
  • Sales processes and sales methods
  • Safety: workshop equipment, reduction of risks arising from electric traction
  • Processes
  • Roles and Tasks
  • Management and Performance Indicators
  • Organization and Profitability of Service
  • Marketing and Analysis of Service Potentials
  • Goodwill and Guarantees
  • Warehouse and Spare parts Managements
  • Sale of spare parts
  • Engineering: engines, transmissions, chassis, braking systems, air conditioning, on board electronics, ADAS
  • Diagnosis and Repair

Human Resources Development & Certifications

We value resources with evaluation and certification projects in various sectors and for different targets

  • Role certification for Human Resources in sales and after-sales
  • PES – PEI – PEV Training and skills certification for operators assisting hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Compliance attestation for F-Gas operators (according to Reg. CE 842/2006 – 307/2008 and DPR 43/2012)

Compliance Audit & Consulting Services

We certify contractual and process standard compliance of infrastructure and equipment.

  • Contract Compliance Audit
  • Technical Conformity Audit
  • Standards and process implementation consulting
  • Consultancy for the application of contractual standards and processes related  to instrumental equipment
  • Laboratory for metrological confirmation of different physical quantities (torque, pressure, length, electrical quantities…)
  • Web Based Application (SGCC) for the digitizations of metrological confirmation processes